Young Dancer Program

Pre-Ballet through Ballet 5 (Ages 5/Kindergarten and up)

This program starts with a Pre-Ballet class for children who are 5 years old (Kindergarten) by
September 1st. This program builds in intensity from the Pre-Ballet classes meeting 45 minutes
once per week to Ballet 5 classes meeting 1-2 times per week for 75 minutes. With kind and
experienced instruction, children learn age appropriate exercises while still getting opportunities
to explore movement and their imagination. Though dancers in this program are receiving an
excellent foundation for more advance training should he/she choose to pursue pre-professional
training, the learning environment has a good balance of structure and fun. Children gain
coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and active listening skills along with a significant amount
of ballet/dance vocabulary. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is offered to this dance group.
Dancers in this program may also enroll in Modern and/or Jazz. All dancers are required to take
a minimum of one ballet class a week, but may opt to take more.