Mass Ballet Ensemble

The Mass Ballet Performance Ensemble

Commitment . . . .Artistry . . . .Performance

The Mass Ballet Ensemble is a performance-based group comprised of dancers in the pre-professional program.  During Ensemble classes and under the direction of Ms. Powers, the dancers will gain extra dance training, learn new original works which will be performed during the 2018/2019 season as well as have the opportunity to produce and choreograph their own student production.  Ensemble members will be required to take three ballet classes, and one extra dance or performance class of their choosing, along with their weekly Ensemble class. Dancers will receive the extra benefit of added pointe work and focus on choreography development, artistry and presentation.  Each Ensemble member will focus on their own development as emerging individual artists, but also learn how integral each member in a cast is in supporting the overall experience. Dancers will also learn extra choreography of the Nutcracker as understudies, preparing for future opportunities to perform key roles. Ultimately, the Mass Ballet Ensemble gives young dancers a first hand experience into what it is like to participate in a performing ballet company.

The Mass Ballet Ensemble meets Wednesday from 5:45-7:45

Any pre-professional student enrolled in a minimum of 3 ballet classes plus 1 jazz or modern class is eligible to enroll in the Performance Ensemble.


The Mass Ballet Junior Ensemble

The Junior Ensemble, comprised of dancers in school grade 6 (Ballet levels 4 and 5) and above will benefit from many of the same extra training and exposure to choreography and various dance styles as the Main Ensemble but at a more age appropriate pace.  Dancers will perform in the same productions as the Main Ensemble. Junior Ensemble members will be required to take two ballet classes a week, and one extra dance or performance class, in addition to their Junior Ensemble class with Ms. Powers. Dancing with older dancers and learning the fine points of how ballet performances are designed and assembled, Junior Ensemble dancers will receive a special opportunity to train, be inspired, and perform at a higher level as developing young artists.


The Mass Ballet Junior Ensemble meets Wednesday from 5:45-6:45.

Any Ballet 4 & 5 student enrolled in a minimum of 2 ballet classes plus 1 non-ballet class (jazz, modern, contemporary, tap or hip hop) is eligible to enroll in the Jr. Performance Ensemble.