Performance Opportunities

At Mass Ballet we know it is important to practice and be repetitive in that practice.  How do we make this fun and enjoyable for dancers, teachers and parents? We perform! With the end goal of a performance or presentation we are all working on the same goal with similar drive.  Dancers are happy to work on things like tendus and plies when they have a tangible and fun goal which includes something that they love! For this reason we have a lot of opportunities for the dancers to perform individually, as a team and even have the chance to perform with peers outside of their classroom to gain more friendships and inspiration.

Our youngest dancers in our 1st Steps Division (Creative Movement) have 3 Peek Weeks which are held the last day of each of the 3 Sessions (December, March, June).

All other dancers (Pre-Ballet/Kindergarten and up) have 2 stage performances during the year along with two in-class demonstrations/presentations.

Preparations for our annual production of The Nutcracker begin in September.  Those wishing to participate must attend the scheduled audition.  Rehearsals for this ballet are outside of class time.

At the end of the first semester, which is after Winter Break (see calendar of important dates.) Pre-Ballet and up have a peek week, where you can invite family and friends to watch, film, take pictures of your dancers classes.

During 2nd Semester Pre-Ballet and up begin to work on a school wide Spring Story Ballet.  This story ballet is cast by class with any lead or linking parts being performed by The Mass Ballet Ensemble.  Costumes for this ballet are provided by Mass Ballet just like in Nutcracker though dancers do have to wear their own undergarments, ballet tights, shoes and other small items.

At the end of the year Pre-Ballet and Up prepare Presentation Classes to be presented in the classroom to friends and family.  This is a set class of material to show some of the growth and development during the year along with a short performance piece.

Nutcracker information available here.