Youth And Junior Division

Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary, Primary, and Ballet 1

This program builds in intensity with kind and experienced instruction. Children learn age appropriate exercises while still getting opportunities to explore movement and imagination. The learning environment has a good balance of structure and fun, while offering an excellent foundation for more advanced training for those who continue to dance. Children gain coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and active listening skills along with a significant amount of ballet/dance vocabulary. Dancers in this program may also enroll in Modern, Jazz and/or Tap.

Youth And Junior Division

Ballet 2-5

In these levels dancers are learning more complex barre work and building a wide vocabulary of steps. Technical training continues with an emphasis on proper alignment and safe, correct movement. Dancers in these levels begin 75 minute classes and may opt to take more classes per week. Multiple classes are not required except for Mass Ballet Ensemble and Level 5 dancers who wish to be promoted to dancing en pointe. 

Certainly the more a dancer takes class the easier it is to make technical gains.  Having said this though we have had many dancers take one ballet class a week through Ballet 5 with great success due to their own personal drive, passion and commitment to learning in the classroom. 

dancers wearing casual clothes and tap shoes jumping with heels together

Class Levels by Age and Grade

Please note that not all additional classes are running due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Class LevelGradeAgeLength of Ballet ClassAdditional Classes Offered
Pre-BalletKindergartenAge 5+ – must be 5 by Sept 145 MinutesTap
Pre-Primary1st GradeAge 6+45 MinutesTap
Primary2nd GradeAge 7+45 MinutesTap, Modern/Jazz
Ballet 13rd GradeAge 8+60 MinutesTap, Modern/Jazz
Ballet 24th GradeAge 9+75 MinutesTap, Modern/Jazz
Ballet 35th GradeAge 10+75 MinutesTap, Modern/Jazz
Ballet 46th GradeAge 11+90 MinutesTap, Modern/Jazz, Mass Ballet Ensemble
Ballet 57th GradeAge 12+90 Minutes Tap, Modern/Jazz, Mass Ballet Ensemble, Pointe for qualified students


  In these division dancers are also developing their stage presence with 2 optional performances. The Nutcracker is open to any student, and requires an audition and rehearsals outside of class time. while our annual Spring Production is a chance for them to be part of a larger story with rehearsals mostly in class with the exception of technical and dress rehearsals.